Great idea for holidays? Tajikistan!

holiday is the best term in whole year, for plenty of people. Then, we are able to relax in selected destination, have a great time with family, reload batteries for another year.

tajikistan vacation

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According of our likes, another area with be worth to visit. Many of Polish voyagers are choosing European resorts. But if you’re looking for any less typical, try middle of Asia.
If you have never visited Tajikistan vacation in this great country will be one of your finest. Now, this location is affordable for us more then before, all thanks to cheap airline carriers, which are providing flights from Warsaw to there. That trip do not have to be costly, air tickets could cost you just couple hundreds of zlotych, just reserve it couple months ahead. Even more pocket money you would save if you take just carry on baggage, instead of registered, which is payable. But Tajikistan itself is not expensive, accommodation or food is much cheaper then in our country.
There are few interesting monuments, that you need to visit in time of Tajikistan vacation.

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At start, it is perfect location for tourists, who love to travel with backpack, using legs as mode of transportation. Cause wildlife up there is amazing – many of forests, lakes and mountains, and very lovely weather. But when you land in Duchanbe, the metropolis of country, you have to take tour around. Plenty of nice, old architecture you may enjoy in there and if you want to have a party, nightlife of capital city is very interesting, you will like it for sure.

Tajikistan vacation is really great alternative for voyagers, who are tired of standard Europe.

Country has very fascinating wildlife, so you’ll appreciate hiking up there a lot. Beside Dashube, the metropolis is nice, with it buildings and friendly citizens. To go there, you wouldn’t spend a lot, if you plan it really well.
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