Why is Wroclaw such a famous city for dental tourism among western visitors?

Year after year, the quantity of foreign patients who undergo dental surgeries in Poland grows. It is predicted that Poland is nowadays the second most stayed at country for the reason of the medical touristry, just after Hungary.


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The Germans, English and Russians most often come to Poland, and the proportion of patients from Scandinavian states is as well continuously growing.

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The growing attraction of foreign visitors in Polish dental assistance makes dental touristry expand significantly. Medical and health touristry (incolving dental segment) is a recent trend in Europe connecting dental treatment with sightseeing and leisure. Foreigners are most probably to choose places with wonderful tourist points of interest, which are simple to get to by flying with low cost operators. The metropolis of Wroclaw, the center of Lower Silesia, is undoubtedly one of them. The city is most visited by the Germans, English and Italians. Besides tourist points of interest appealing to foreigners, dental treatment in Wroclaw is at the best European standard. Polish specialists are well experienced, continuously more medical centers and dental clinics has excellent instruments and educated employees, and the costs are usually much lower than in a foreign country.

Polish experienced dentists are equally well performing dental services – they possess the identical equipment as their western colleagues, work hard and aesthetically – and that is all for much less prices than in western Europe. To enumerate only one more profit of such resolution, numerous dental centers in Poland propose their assistance as well in foreign languages, mostly in English and German.
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